Bayonetta joins the Smash Bros roster in 2016

bayonetta smash brosDuring a Nintendo Direct today (Dec 15th) that focused solely on Super Smash Bros, it was announced that Bayonetta would be making her way onto the roster, joining an exceptional list of DLC characters to-date, as well as the all star cast that grace the title.

According to Nintendo, Bayonetta was the number one dream character in fan-generated Smash Bros. polls in Europe, and in the top five for the U.S. Nintendo clarified that Bayonetta satisfied two criteria: She was highly requested and was also a realistic option for business negotiations.

Bayonetta will fight on the Umbra Clocktower stage from early in her second game, which was exclusive to the Wii U. Bayonetta will be joining the roster next year, and fans can get her for $5.99 on  the Wii U and 3DS individually next February, or grab the bundle deal for both platforms, which will be available for $6.99.

In related Smash Bros and Amiibo news, three new characters have also been revealed, which will be coming in March of next year. They include Ryu, Roy, and Famicom ROB. They will be available as of March 18th, so mark down that down in your calendar, and good luck getting your hands on them!

amiibo smash bros 2016[Source: Youtube, Twitter]

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