Battlefield Hardline Betrayal map walkthrough

battlefield hardline betrayalBattlefield Hardline’s last DLC add-on, Betrayal will be coming next month, and EA and Visceral Games have released a teaser trailer to show you through the four maps that will be included in the pack.

The four maps included with the DLC pack are Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown and Thin Ice. I don’t know about you, but the idea of a warzone in Alcatraz excites me. Great idea, and I hope it works as good as it sounds! The pack will also include two new vehicles, one of which is a hearse, just because. There will also be seven new weapons, although they’re not detailed yet. As well as this pack, which is free for Season Pass holders, is a free update for everyone that adds 11 new weapons as well. Lots of shooting to be had.

Honestly, fighting in Alcatraz in a Battlefield game?!!!

battlefield hardline betrayal alcatraz

Battlefield Hardline is available on EA Access on Xbox One, as well as Origin Access, the PC equivalent of the subscription service.

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