Battlefield 4’s Night Operations DLC now available along with patch

battlefield 4 night operationsDICE LA have been working on nighttime versions of the Battlefield 4 maps for some time, and available since Tuesday (on Xbox), you can now download and play on Zavod 311’s Graveyard Shift map for free. European PlayStation 4 and PS3 users will have to wait until September 8th. This comes along with a summer patch, addressing further issues in the game.

Teased during August, DICE LA released a trailer for the Night Operations DLC, the DLC will allow you to fight in the darkness, making use of flashlights and flare guns, and will require you to switch up your tactics for combat. There should be more Night Operations maps coming in the future, with some being tested on the Community Test Environment servers, so we look forward to those.

As for the patch itself, it fixes issues with netcode, making them even more stable, adjusts sound and issues with gadgets. EA also advised fans on Xbox One with EA Access that you have until September 3rd to download the Naval Strike DLC map pack for free. Once you download it, it’s yours forever, but otherwise, you can grab the Premium pass if you enjoy Battlefield 4 that much!

[Source: EA]

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