Battlefield 4’s most elaborate easter egg accomplished

battlefield 4 legacy operationsYouTuber JackFrags who is best known for his Battlefield videos and easter egg hunts in the series has championed the latest easter egg, which came in the free Legacy Operations winter update map ‘Dragon Valley 2015’. As veterans of the series will know, this is a remake of a Battlefield 2 map, and it includes the toughest easter egg yet, which has now been beaten.

I can’t even begin to explain his diagram of how he figured out the morse code lanterns, how he found each of the seven switches that activate the lanterns, or how he even thought to slow down or speed up audio, but this 10 minute video is fascinating to watch, and to see him do it all for the rarest camo in the game, previously reserved for DICE staff only, is worth your time.

[Source: JackFrags]

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