Battlefield 4 update addresses small scale server improvements

battlefield 4 legacy operationsBattlefield 4 is receiving a new console update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (not last gen), and for a launch title in November 2013 to receive this kind of extended attention is fantastic. The update will affect small scale battles, mainly on games that are limited to 32 players or less, and should improve user experience.

The small servers (32 players and smaller) will now run at 45hz compared to the previous default rate of 30hz. If that means nothing to you, and it’s ok if it doesn’t,  it means that the increase will improve ALL networking delays of the game by ~11ms per action – a massive impact on the second-to-second gameplay.


There are several factors to consider when looking at this data and picking a new default tickrate:
• Client bandwidth increase
• Server bandwidth increase
• Server/hardware load increase
• Number of players on the server & compound impact

operation outbreak battlefield 4

DICE also tried testing out this change on 64 player servers on Battlefield 4 but felt it was too unwieldy and could not guarantee a better experience for all players involved. The rollout times for the update will be as follows, but bear in mind that some issues may arise following the update, which DICE will see to:

February 9th:
45hz default tickrate will be enabled on all 32 player (and smaller) servers in the North American East coast server pool (PS4 and Xbox One).
This rollout will start at 10AM CET.

February 9th-February 10th:
Confirmation testing period, ensuring the change works as intended

February 11th – :
Full roll out globally (if successfull) – timings to be decided.

Is it a good time to jump back onto Battlefield 4, with these updates and new maps that have come in the last few months? I think so…

[Source: Battlelog]

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