Battlefield 4 Night Operations trailer

battlefield 4 night operationsDICE have revealed a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming DLC, Night Operations for Battlefield 4. The trailer was created by Battlefield movie maker, Two Scotsmen, and shows off footage of the darkened Zavod 311 map, one of the most popular maps on the game.

Switching the action from regular day time missions to a more difficult night time set up changes the game completely, requiring players to rely on nightvision scopes, flashlights and flares. Silenced weapons will also benefit, as will muzzle dampening accessories. For the moment, Zavod Graveyard Shift has only been shown, although other maps will be joining the list of available Night Operations in the future.

It’s great to see DICE still supporting Battlefield 4, a game which launched alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Despite its initial problems, the playerbase is still high enough, and the post release content support has been fantastic.

Battlefield 4 Night Operations releases in September 2015, although no specific date was announced. The Night Operations add-on will only be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Last gen platform players will have to miss out on this due to technical difficulties. The DLC will also be free. Happy days!

[Source: Youtube]

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