Battlefield 4 Is Getting a new UI

bf4-ui-640x349Battlefield 4 is getting a fresh new look in the form of a UI overhaul. It will later be applied to Hardline and the upcoming Battlefield 1.In a report on, it’s been revealed that DICE announced a new Battlefield 4 feature: a user interface overhaul. The new user interface will make its debut on Battlefield 4 and will be applied to Battlefield Hardline and the upcoming Battlefield 1.

The core of the new user interface seems to be to decouple the use of a web browser to find and join games. Instead, players will find and join servers in-game with the new BF4 UI. The way it used to be with all Battlefield games, up until BF3.

The new BF4 UI will also include a “recommendation engine to suggest maps, modes, and more”, and will make it easier to play and squad up with friends.

As DICE puts it, “The new Battlefield user interface is designed to improve the experience of playing with friends and to bring relevant content to your attention.”

Last week during the Battlefield 1 E3 showcase, the game did not have an open web browser on the PC, suggesting that it won’t be launched and managed from the browser with Battlelog like BF4 and BF3.

The new user interface is currently being tested by a limited group of players and should be added to Battlefield 4 later this Summer.

Source: [BF4Central]

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