Battlefield 1’s spectator mode gives you a load of cool features

Battlefield 1Battlefield 1 is just over a week away and on top of the epic looking campaign and the sure to be top notch multiplayer we can also look forward to being able to capture our epic gaming moments with the all new spectator mode.

Battlefield 1 is sure to produce a tonne of jaw dropping moments and we’ll be able to share these moments with the world when spectator mode launches soon after release. According to a post on the Battlefield blog, the mode will come with a new suite of creative tools on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 1

Players will be able to join Battlefield 1 matches whilst in Spectator Mode and then choose how to view the on screen action by attaching cameras to a specific player or vehicle for example. meanwhile you will still be able to  move them around to get the right shot.

Camera settings include speed, sensitivity, field of view and depth of field, allowing for some nice film-like effects. There are filters  available, too. you can adjust the camera or enter into free mode allowing you to switch between multiple pre-prepared shots.

Dice have given some community members access to the spectator mode already and the results are really quite jaw dropping. We are in for an interesting month with the two biggest first person shooters going head to head and both being set in totally contrasting time periods.


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