Battlefield 1 Winter Update now live, details

battlefield 1 frenchAs the spring approaches, and the temperature begins to rise (doesn’t feel like it, however!), it’s time to check out Battlefield 1’s Winter Update, which goes live today, February 14th. How romantic. Adding a bunch of features and making some gameplay amendments, let’s see what’s in store for you today.

First up, DICE are bringing back Ribbons, increasing Class Rank caps, adding new unlockables, and tweaking various aspects of gameplay, graphics, UI, and more. You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and each time you get a Ribbon you also receive a 300XP. The Ribbons are designed to promote good teamplay and playing the objective.

battlefield 1 ribbons

Ribbons aren’t new to Battlefield, and as far as I recall, have been around since the Bad Company days. Maybe earlier, but Bad Company was my first real start to the franchise.

You can now unlock an Elite Codex for eight of the available primary weapons in the game. All you need to do is get 500 more kills per applicable weapon. Not only will you get a shiny Elite Codex, but you will also be awarded 25,000 bonus XP.

battlefield 1 codices

The new max Class Rank will now be 50, instead of the previously limited number of 10. At every 10 new Class Ranks you’ll receive a Battlepack, and when you hit 50, you will be granted some extra nice Class flair in the kill card to taunt your fallen foes. There will also be Dog Tags that you can unlock as you progress towards max Class Rank 50.

For the full list of bug fixes and gameplay changes, head over to the Battlefield blog here.

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