Battlefield 1 tips for beginners

Battlefield 1 chartI’m going to start this by saying that in my personal opinion, Battlefield 1 is the best online multiplayer shooter ever created. I know, that’s a bold statement but to me, it refines what online warfare is supposed to be and goes above and beyond any shooter I’ve ever played.

What tips do I have for newcomers to the Battlefield franchise? Well, firstly and most importantly, under no circumstances should you ever play ANY Battlefield like you would play Call of Duty. The old frantic run and gun type gameplay will only get you killed a lot and this applies more than ever to Battlefield 1.

You have 4 classes. Assault class, which is machine gun based with anti vehicle weaponry as well. Medic class, which is bolt action rifles with medic kits, revival tools, and grenades. Support class, which is heavy machine guns, mines, ammo supplies and vehicle repair. Finally, we have scout which is sniper rifles, enemy spotting and light vehicle damage.  As you level up, you’ll earn Warbonds to spend unlocking new equipment so my advice here is to try all the class types, find the one that suits you and stick with it while you level up and learn the game.

With the assault, medic, and sniper classes, you can attach a bayonet to your weapon. Make use of the bayonet charge as it’s a guaranteed kill should you hit the enemy but be careful when you decide to use it. Also, you run a little faster while charging so it’s handy regarding getting out of tough situations as well. However, after charging you need a couple of seconds to regain use of the sprint again so yet again, be careful.

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Try and squad up with friends, and stay close to them. Spawn on them when you know they’re not in a firefight, and help them out. You receive more points for squad actions such as assists, reviving, and supplying ammo. And also spot your enemies! Even if you stand looking out a window at the frontlines, just hit that spot button and you will not only help your whole team see that target, but you will get rewarded for it too, with points!

Always play the objective too. Or ‘PTFO’ as we like to reiterate now and then. If playing Conquest or Rush, focus on the mission targets. It doesn’t matter if you have the best K/D ration in Battlefield, a win is a win. Fight for the cause, not for yourself!

When the enemy calls in an Airship, Armoured Train or Battleship, my advice here is to stay as far away as possible from them. The behemoth vehicles are designed to change the course of a game and can kill you in a second. They’re powerful, have high damage resistance and like I said, they’re called in to turn the game around in the enemy’s favour.

Finally, you will die, a lot. You will get frustrated but when you find that class and gun that suits you, suddenly everything starts to click into place and you’ll find yourself craving more. More of the carnage, more of the absolute chaos. Just more of Battlefield 1.

Good luck comrade and see you on the Battlefield.

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