Battlefield 1 social media comes under fire

Battlefield 1 chartThis week, Battlefield 1’s Twitter account came under scrutiny from fans due to posting some insensitive images and taglines relating to World War 1. That there is the problem. Recreate the Great War in a video game, but you can’t comment on it due to being disrespectful.

The hashtag of justWW1things didn’t help the Battlefield 1 Twitter team’s cause either, but I firmly believe that it was meant in the context of the game. Sure, we all respect the wars that took place, whether in World War 1, WW2, Vietnam etc, but we’re talking about a video game here. The marketing team probably should have kept it to justBattlefield1things perhaps? Would that help alleviate some of the grief?

The images have since been deleted, and an apology posted online. You can see one of the screenshotted images below.

battlefield 1 backlashBattlefield players buy the games for the epic-scaled multiplayer battles. Whether it’s set in World War 2, modern era combat, or with cops vs robbers, it’s the multiplayer gameplay that keeps players coming back with each iteration. The latest game just so happens to take place in World War 1, which is a refreshing change from the direction modern popular shooters were going. Back to basics, back to realistic weapons, with a bit of history thrown in via the single player campaign and the game’s overall setting.

If we were to get truly offended by a marketing team trying to post content relating to a game that recently hit the shelves with immense popularity, then I will go one further and say that I’m extremely offended by those who teabag me in a trench or in a crumbling building in the middle of a war. Damn you community!

An EA representative later mailed Kotaku saying:

“We would like to apologize for any offense caused by content in the last 24 hours posted on the @Battlefield Twitter account. It did not treat the World War 1 era with the respect and sensitivity that we have strived to maintain with the game and our communications.”

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