Battlefield 1 Giant’s Shadow update and patch notes

Battlefield 1 chartBattlefield 1 has received its huge holiday update, which adds a brand new map called Giant’s Shadow, and makes a bunch of gameplay changes that many of you have been asking for. Let’s look at the list and see what’s improving.

The full list of updates can be found here in greater detail, but below, we will look at the most important changes and additions. First of all, it’s important to know that the new map, Giant’s Shadow will be available for everyone on December 20 as a free* update for Battlefield 1. On December 13†, Premium Pass owners and players who pre-ordered Battlefield 1 can start their seven-day early access of the map.

Soldier movement has been improved, and this is an issue I was fully aware of, so I’m sure others can relate.  The inability to sprint out of crouch and prone in certain situations and fixing issues with toggle zoom have been adjusted. No longer will you have to stand up before sprinting. Whooo!

Quick scoping will soon become a thing of the past yet again. DICE have made changes to auto-aim on consoles. You now have to be actively giving aim input in order to get aim assistance. This prevents people from just twitching over the Left Trigger, or L2 to auto-lock onto enemy players.

Vehicle changes have also arrived. DICE made some fixes that should prevent the player from getting the incorrect kit when spawning into a vehicle, for example spawning as a Cavalry soldier when spawning into a Tank. In some extreme cases, the player may be blocked from spawning if a vehicle cannot be spawned.

The biggest change to the Landship vehicle is the ability to allow teammates to spawn into the Landship directly, like they do the Heavy Tank today. This will help keep the Landship full of teammates, in a way that makes it a far more effective vehicle.

DICE have also removed an exploit that allowed instant killing of airplanes with the Ranken Darts; these are intended as ground attack weapons, not air to air weapons. Fighter airplanes now have slightly higher damage to their MGs overall and Bombers take more damage from MGs specifically. Rockets have also received a velocity boost to make their usage more consistent. Combined with some additional reductions in overheat, this should make Fighters more viable in the air to air role without having to resort to exploits or lucky rocket hits.

Detailed Vehicle Changes

  • TankGewehr now does increased damage, from 120-150 to 160-180. Change is on both the Landship and Tank Hunter. Damage against planes is virtually unchanged
  • Landship mortars have had their range increased slightly
  • The Mortar Pattern of the Landship now has 5 seats, adding two additional side LMG seats to the package
  • The Squad Support Pattern of the Landship now features a front firing 20mm cannon like the Light Tank Flanker Pattern, instead of an LMG
  • The Landship now takes the same damage as the Heavy Tank
  • Decreased amount of health restored by emergency repairs on the Heavy Tank from 30% to 20%
  • Increased the amount of health restored by track repairs on the Landship from 15% to 20%
  • Decreased amount of health restored by emergency repairs on the Landship from 30% to 25%
  • Decreased damage of Case shells against planes by 50%
  • Reduced stationary AA range from 400 m to 334 m
  • Fixed inconsistent damage of plane rockets against other planes
  • Reduced plane rocket impact damage from 120 to 100
  • Increased plane rocket initial speed and reduced time to live
  • Reduced Ranken Dart damage against planes
  • Made bombers take 20% more damage from bullets
  • Increased Dogfighter and Trench Fighter MG damage by 4% and slowed down the overheat
  • Increased Bomber Killer MG damage by 3%
  • Decreased Airship Killer MG damage by 18%
  • Decrease plane tail gunner damage by 23% (far) to 42% (close) and sped up damage drop-off slightly
  • Reduced boat torpedo range to approximately 400 m, matching the behemoth AA range

There are a load more changes made, which again, you can see here.

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