Battlefield 1 Giant’s Shadow map trailer

giant's shadow battlefield 1A new Battlefield 1 map called Giant’s Shadow will be making its way into the hands of players as of next week. The free map was announced ahead of the game’s launch in October, and Premium Pass as well as pre-order buyers of Battlefield 1 will be first in line to try it out first.

Giant’s Shadow will arrive on December 13th for Premium Pass owners and those who initially pre-ordered the game, while the rest of us will have to wait a further week to jump in on the action. You can see the new map in the trailer below.

As well as the new map, which is free for everyone, a new weapon will also be available to use. It sounds a bit silly, especially in a World War 1 setting though. Anyone for a Grenade Crossbow? Believe it or not, this was actually used in the Great War, so as surprising as it sounds, it’s legit.

“Based on one of many unique contraptions from the Great War, this gadget can silently fire two grenades of either the Fragmentation or High Explosive variety,” says the EA blog update.

Battlefield 1 still has a steady stream of followers, but it definitely needs some new content quick, on top of new game modes we have seen popping up recently. A brand new map will definitely keep the action feeling fresh until the first expansion pack in 2017.

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