Battlefield 1 air combat footage

battlefield 1We’ve all found ourselves getting super excited about Battlefield 1 since its reveal last month as well as the one hour gameplay reveal at EA Play on Sunday. One user has uploaded a nice little 2 minute gameplay clip of the air combat in the World War 1 shooter, and it looks simply awesome!

ponylionHD‘s clip shows the transition between seating positions on the plane, wile the audible objective updates show that DICE incorporated the WW1 era RAF phonetic alphabet. Alpha becomes ‘Apples’, Delta becomes ‘Dove’ etc. Yep, I can see us all getting confused as we transition from other games into Battlefield 1, and vice versa. It is also noted that the female voice over is currently a place holder, so ignore its futuristic AI assistant tone!

The control of the vehicles is said to be similar to those found in previous Battlefield titles. While DICE could make it more authentic to suit the time period, perhaps it was best to keep it accessible and fast paced for the sake of the gameplay experience. After all, it’s not necessarily trying to be a World War 1 flight simulator, it’s still a competitive shooter, and I’d rather die at the hands of an enemy than losing control of the vehicle myself.

It is also said that infantry primary weapons can also damage air vehicles. This reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company: Vietnam. It was a pain to deal with, but it made a tonne of sense.

Battlefield 1 will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21st this year, and we expect to see a lot more of it ahead of its launch.

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