Battleborn getting a free trial or going free to play?

battleborn chartEarlier this year, Gearbox Software released Battleborn, an online co-op and competitive game not too dissimilar to the likes of Overwatch, which released around the same time. With Overwatch claiming so much success, Battleborn was lost in the mix, and suffering from low sales and regular discounts. Some tweets reveal it may or may not go either free-to-play or at least get a trial version for new players to check out.

Randy Pitchford, boss of Gearbox who many will know well from his upselling of Aliens: Colonial Marines and deservedly so, the Borderlands series. took to Twitter to address a rumour circulating the internet about how the game would be going free-to-play, similar to what has happened with another 2K release, Evolve.

However, Pitchford states that whatever plans are to be announced, won’t be coming any time soon, as there is still some DLC drops to come for those who have had faith in the game picked it up this year. Right now, you can buy the game on Amazon for less than $20.

Would you be interested in checking out Battleborn if it was free to play, or had an extensive trial demo? Maybe if they add in some Borderlands characters, interest may pick up?

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