Batman Arkham Knight’s final DLC and a future for the series hinted?

batman arkham knight season of infamyBatman Arkham Knight will soon be getting another DLC add-on which is packed with loads of Batman’s most infamous villains. The Season of Infamy will be the last post-launch content for the game, and will bring back the Mad Hatter, Mr Freeze and more. But is there more to come from Rocksteady after Arkham Knight?

The Season of Infamy will also include another skin pack and Batmobile, which are the 2008 Christian Bale batsuit and the Batmobile from the original Arkham Asylum, which is drivable in the city of Gotham. A four-pack of returning villains to fight will be the highlight of the content pack, giving you more villanins and characters to fight. A new wing in the GCPD will be added too, with secrets, rooms to explore and back story to discover. The Arkham Insider below shares many of these details, but there’s also something at the end, around the 9 minute mark that may hint at the future of the Batman Arkham games….

Right at the end, at about 9:12, Septon Hill is asked if this is categorically the end of the road for Rocksteady and Batman, and as he replies with “Well….”, the screen cuts off to a brief moment of static, displaying a split second image of a portrait which looks like Scarecrow. Will we see another Batman Arkham from Rocksteady again, or will Warner Bros do another Origins-like game in the new year? Time will tell!

[Source: Youtube]

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