Batman: Arkham Knight trailer and details teased by director

arkham knightBatman: Arkham Knight director Sefton Hill has been taking a leaf out of Square Enix’s book and holding back on the trailer for the game while giving us some teasers that will be sure to hype everyone up for the reveal

We now have to wait a little longer for the next Arkham Knight trailer, but maybe it will be worth it!

Hill seems confident about the quality of the trailer and also teased the return of a character we previously saw in Arkham City. Who could it be? Harley Quinn? Deadshot? Catwoman? More importantly, who do we hope it is?

Not just that but Hill has said that we will see a new mechanic not seen before! This will be a big talking point after we see the trailer I am sure.

Way to create hype Mr. Hill! Aside from these three tweets there was no date for the trailer disclosed so we’ll just have to wait patiently to see the new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, the returning character and this new mechanic.

We trust them at Rocksteady though, check out the amazing cake they sent their fellow Warner Brothers studio, Netherrealm this week to celebrate the success of Mortal Kombat X.



Who do you want to see revealed as the returning character? We saw some new mechanics last year with the nemesis system introduced by Shadow of Mordor, what new mechanic can you think of that you’d most like to see in the game? Let us know!

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