Batman: Arkham Knight Returns THIS Week on PC

batman arkham sales chartAfter months of interim patches after what is considered the worst PC game launch in memory for many of us, Batman: Arkham Knight will be returning  on the platform this week after being pulled from sale due to it’s shoddy state.

WB will have to do a lot to make it up to players, because just releasing a fully working version 4 months late on Wednesday October 28th at what will likely be full price would be insulting. The thing is, I wouldn’t even put it past them.

In a statement made yesterday on the Steam Community, they continued to try and push the Season Pass, didn’t make any apologies, and gave zero word on any compensation for neither people waiting, nor those who already bought the game and kept it trusting in them.

Here’s the statement (without the list):

At 10 am PDT, Oct. 28th, Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released for the PC platform. At the same time we’ll also be releasing a patch that brings the PC version fully up-to-date with content that has been released for console (with the exception of console exclusives).

This means that next week, all PC players will have access to Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Skin, and character selection in combat AR challenges. Season Pass holders will have access to all content released since launch, including:


We want to give particular thanks to the members of the PC community who took the time to give us clear, detailed feedback and bug reporting.

Now, get out there and Be The Batman!

– Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Arkham Knight showed how some publishers care for their customers, as WB knew quite well of the state it was in when they released it, being outsourced to another company not familiar with porting to PC and given very little time to complete it.

The game was plagued with performance issues, regardless of settings, with even beast machines not able to get smooth framerates. Only a small percentage of people could actually run it at a somewhat playable setting, leaving many people feeling burned for putting their trust in WB after multiple showings of what was thought to be the PC version running.

As you might expect, along with myself and Fiona, many PC gamers are incredibly dissatisfied with WB. Mortal Kombat was one thing, but the way Batman: Arkham Knight was handled has caused many people who loved WB games to turn their back on the company, and who can blame them?

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