Batman: Arkham Knight on PC Runs Like Potato; 30 FPS Lock

BatmanBatman: Arkham Knight is out, and looking mighty fine on console, however on PC it ain’t so hot as it’s yet another abysmal PC port from Warner Bros.

There have been multiple issues with the game, though the warning signs were there. First, only PS4 copies of the game were sent out for review despite many, including PC Gamer, waiting on the PC version to review. Most of the time this alone would make me worry, but Warner Bros have a reputation for this. In fact I was surprised to even see reviews several days before launch because I expected it to be a few hours beforehand.

The other warning sign came yesterday, when the system requirements were updated only 12 hours before the release. Not much was changed, but the AMD graphic requirements needing a 7950. As well as that the update warned that there is known issues with AMD cards. Naturally many were unhappy with this, being only updates a short time before release even though they would have known when it went gold.

Now, it is pretty clear why the PC review copies were hidden away, as it is getting flooded with negative reviews due to its awful optimization, for both Nvidia and AMD systems. AMD systems seem to be the worst off, often getting drops as low as 3fps, which is absolutely disgraceful, but Nvidia systems are running poorly also (but naturally they only said AMD systems were the problem before release since it is built on Nvidia tech). User reviews even say that the three of the most powerful cards available, the GTX 980, 290X and even the Titan X, are all experiencing FPS issues. If that isn’t bad enough, this comes after driver updates for both Nvidia and AMD cards specifically for performance tweaks to Batman: Arkham Knight.

The game is also capped to 30FPS, and while that isn’t much of a problem for console, on PC it is a sin. This can be fixed in the config files however. Open your Arkham Knight install directory and navigate to “\BmGame\Config\BmSystemSettings.ini”. In that file search for “Max_FPS=30” and change it to “Max_FPS=9999” so there is no limit. Some users said they got improved performance installing the game onto an SSD, though are still having issues.

Well…. Good thing for Steam Refunds being introduced!

What are your thoughts on Batman: Arkham Knights PC release? Are you playing it on Console? If so how is it running for you on that? Let us know in the comments!

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