Batman Arkham Knight fans getting free Crime Fighter Challenge Pack

Batman Inc arkham knightReleased this week on PC, a new DLC pack for Batman Arkham Knight will be making its way to consoles next week. The pack is called the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 6, and includes a selection of fan favourite challenge maps from the previous Rocksteady Arkham titles.

The DLC released on January 19th for PC players, and will come on January 26th for those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The pack includes remastered challenge maps of Crime Alley, Wayne Manor, Ice Lounge and Batcave. A handful of new Achievements/Trophies are also included, which are reportedly rather difficult. A good thing for the hardcore Arkham fan base then!

Although announced at a high price, the Arkham Knight season pass included a wealth of new content including AR challenges, new Arkham episodes, allowing you to play as different characters, and a bunch of classic outfits and Batmobiles. The last DLC pack was the Season of Infamy, which added more criminal bosses for Batman to take on. A developer diary relating to the DLC also teased more content to come in 2016, or another game. Who knows…?

Batman Arkham Knight was my Game of the Year for 2015, having played it on Xbox One, which didn’t suffer like the PC version to this day. Fantastic sound and visuals, epic story, and a huge city to explore. I just loved it.

[Source: WB Games Forum]

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