Balrog coming to Street Fighter V this week

Balrog street fighter vAll American boxer, Balrog is set to make his return to the ring in Street Fighter V this week, being the fourth additional character post launch. A new trailer shows off some of his new and returning moves, and he looks lethal.

While Balrog doesn’t make use of his feet, being a boxer and all, he has a great variety of attacks with his fists, shoulders and elbows. Capcom have yet to detail much about him and the changes made, but you can get a quick glimpse of him, his stage, and hear his new music with this new trailer.

Balrog isn’t one of the most popular fighters in Street Fighter, but he’s one of my favourites to use alongside Vega in Street Fighter IV. He’s come a long way since his first appearance in Street Fighter II, where he felt somewhat limited in his abilities, but with his rushing attacks and his ability to rush through projectiles, and his excellent reach; he can be a pest in the hands of a pro player.

Balrog will be available to download/purchase this Friday on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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