Backwards Compatible titles for March 3rd on Xbox

xbox backwards compatible decemberThis week’s backwards compatible titles are a bit of a decent batch to be fair. Two Disney titles make the list, as do two Xbox 360 fan favourites from back in the day. As usual, pop the discs in your drive, or check your Ready to Install list if you own them digitally, and enjoy some old memories.

First up on the list is Meet the Robinsons, which is an action adventure game that follows Wilbur through 40 missions and 6 different locales, a few of which are revisited in the movie. Then we have Cars 2, a third person racing game based on the movie. Both are great for the kids. The next two however, are not.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2: Case West, the prelude and add-on for the series respectively are now backwards compatible, so if you found yourself enjoying the older titles as of late, this will only add to your experience. Go on, treat yourself to some good old fashioned zombie slaying fun.

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