Backwards compatible Mass Effect and more this week

guardian heroes backwards compatibleGreat news this week for Xbox One, Mass Effect, and Guardian Heroes fans as some truly awesome games have become backwards compatible this week. Following N7 Day on Monday, the Mass Effect Calibration Celebration day, fans on Xbox can now enjoy the Mass Effect trilogy on their Xbox Ones. But that’s not all.

If you happen to have an EA Access subscription, you can grab all three Mass Effect titles through the Vault, leaving you with only the DLC to pick up if you want the full experience. I will put my foot down and say that while The Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2 is essential for the overarching story of the series, it really should have been included with the game. It’s a damn shame, as its finale sets up the opening for Mass Effect 3. Download it for the sake of an even better experience, if it’s your first, or second, or 7th playthrough.

In related, fantastic news, Guardian Heroes is now backwards compatible too. A game that made a name for itself on the Sega Saturn, Guardian Heroes is a 2D brawler similar to Streets of Rage. It makes use of three planes to fight across, with multiple characters to unlock and fight as. Each one controls like a character would in a fighting game such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. The game features branching missions, multiple endings, an RPG-like leveling system, and a crazy versus multiplayer arena, letting you choose from all the characters you come across in the game’s story.

Its soundtrack is so good, I covered it last year in our Soundtrack Section.

Then there’s Operation Flashpoint, Red River, the sequel to Dragon Rising, and a co-op serious military strategy shooter. You will die a lot, but the sense of accomplishment upon mission completion is worth it. For those who like the idea of Rainbow Six Vegas, but in an open environment, this one is for you.

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