Avengers: Infinity War Review

avengers infinity warThe pomp and circumstance of Infinity War is seen seldom in the realm of film. 18 films of build-up throughout 10 years, a culmination of the characters that Marvel has bred for this colossal event. Infinity War certainly feels like an event, often switching between a few main storylines. The resonating result of Infinity War is a film that is a quintessential Marvel film.

Some fun comedic moments paired with mostly enthralling action, and coupled with some dramatic moments; Infinity War accomplishes the first two tasks very well but dramatic character moments just isn’t the forte of this film. You will have a blast watching Infinity War but if you peer deeper than surface level you’ll notice a fair amount of inconsistencies that take away from an enjoyable film, but it never breaks the experience that unfolds.

Though Thanos is an imposing foe, he isn’t the biggest threat to this film. That would be the editing and dialogue. When the momentum of this film is at its best it helps elevate the good moments into great ones and the great ones into unforgettable ones. However, the editing has a somewhat significant impact on the film pacing. Certain scenes end up looking goofy by how they’re spliced and often times there will be huge gaps in the film where one faction is completely abandoned. These moments are palpable and there are a few specific examples of quick cuts very poorly implemented.

avengers infinity war

The dialogue here is just unfortunate. There are so many generic lines here, it’s inexcusable for a film of this caliber and I’ve never seen dialogue written in a Marvel film that was often so sloppy. There is plenty of dialogue that I liked but this film reverted to trite and cliched lines that we’ve all heard numerous times before. The bad dialogue stings because the banter between characters is usually so great and a highlight of the film.

The Avengers’ films work best when they explore character interactions, and Infinity War highlights this trait. With so many moving story cogs and characters, the best moments are about when these characters butt heads or how well they do/don’t play off one-another. The best scene in Infinity War includes this aspect and does it brilliantly well. Character interactions save the dialogue from being bad. James Gunn deserves credit, writing all the dialogue for the characters he’s in charge of. He does a magnificent job and I question where that quality was for his most recent film. Though these negatives are bothersome enough, Infinity War is loaded with great moments that prevail against these forgettable aspects.

Infinity War emanates cool moments across the board. Whether it’s the awe of the scale, banter between characters, or the style behind the fight scenes, these moments are flush through this film. A few times there is something happening where the filmmaker emphasize grandiosity of scenes and it’s over-dramatized for what is happening. There are plenty of incredible moments that use this effect properly, these moments drown out the very few that aren’t utilized as well. Infinity War deals in spectacle and the action in it is pulse-pounding and exhilarating. One of the best MCU fight scenes occurs in this movie and plenty of other noteworthy ones do as well. A film as such requires a villain to propel our heroes into action, Thanos fits this bill well enough.

I referred to Thanos as imposing but there’s still room for improvement. Thanos is also very cunning in his preparation for this movie but his motive doesn’t really justify his actions. Civil War worked well because there were a few different villains and their reasoning was mostly justified. Killmonger from Black Panther is probably the best MCU villain because of his motive. Though his motive may not be the best, he’s still a physical force to be reckoned with and is surprisingly sympathetic at times. He’s a huge piece of the film and though not everything works with his character he turns out more memorable than anything else.

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Among moments for the protagonists, many stand out. I will briefly outline who I liked in this film, but not what I enjoyed about their character/moment. I don’t consider these spoilers but if you’re hoping to go in completely blind then skip to the next paragraph.

What I enjoyed chiefly was how the Guardians interacted with the rest of the cast. Their dialogue and scenes really nailed the best parts of the MCU. Every character has one or two good scenes, but I was consistently impressed with how well the Guardians were written aside one massive moment that I hated. Beyond this issue they were great. I loved the ending but most people won’t. As if the movie wasn’t ambitious enough, the ending is a high point and will make for fascinating discussion.

With so many components and plot points interweaving, Infinity War is long but by the climax length isn’t a huge issue. This film accomplishes so much and in such a grand fashion for these characters. While the editing and dialogue did bother me at times, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for most fans. Infinity War is the most grand scale film I have seen in some time. The staples and hallmarks of Marvel shine bright to deliver a very enjoyable outing filled with exceptional action and fun banter, and interesting ideas.

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