Fire Emblem Heroes Announced for Mobile, Fire Emblem Warriors Gets 3DS Release

fire emblem heroesNintendo has been firing on all cylinders for future releases. Chief among priorities was a Fire Emblem mobile game that will release on Android and IOS February 2nd. Each map will be an 8×6 grid built for smartphones as players will utilize traditional Fire Emblem controls along with the weapon triangle made famous by the series. layers will take on the role of a summoner and summon characters from various Fire Emblem games in the franchise to build their team. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Movie Review

Assassin's CreedAssassin’s Creed is a bigger mystery than the Apple of Eden itself. Here we have a movie with an equal amount of highs and lows. For every great concept brought to the table it is leveled with something poor. The creative team brought hope for this movie. Both the director, composer, and leads of last year’s Macbeth lead this film. I loved Macbeth aside that it’s nearly incomprehensible to those without a degree in Shakespearean literature.  Still, the performances were incredible, the shots were astounding (some of the best I’ve ever seen), and it had competent direction. With these cogs in play, you might believe that we should have a strong film, well let’s talk about that.

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Paul’s Game of the Year 2016

goty2016 game of the year 2016Titanfall 2 is a everything a good sequel should be comprised of. Movement, load outs, variety in weapons and nearly every aspect of game-play has been slightly tweaked. The end result being multiple small improvements that make a great game a superb one. This outing now includes a campaign and a damn good one to boot. In a year with many great games, and especially crowded with shooters, Titanfall 2 is the best of them all. Shooter fans and casual gamers alike look no further for an exhilarating experience than my game of the year for 2016.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

Rogue One comes off the heels of the highly successful Episode 7 that we were graced with last year. Though Episode 7 is a solid and enjoyable movie the protruding faults were noticeable. Parallels between The Force Awakens and A New Hope are staggering and often take away from the appeal of Episode 7. So where does Rogue One fit in with all the Star Wars movies? Succumbing to a fate similar to the prequels, hitting the highs of the original trilogy, or the nostalgia beats of Episode 7? Rogue One respects the Star Wars history while injecting new life into the series without relying on nostalgia or recall to other films. It’s an excellent addition to the Star Wars films and is certainly better than Episode 7. Continue reading