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Xbox One to Windows 10 Game Streaming Preview

Game StreamingSince the Windows 10 announcement conference back in January of this year, one thing has really buzzed through our minds constantly. The ability for Windows 10 users to stream their Xbox One to any Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet device. Of course with big promises made can also come many major disappointments and instability. In the last few days Microsoft have granted permissions through and Update to the Windows 10 Preview which allows the Xbox One to be streamed to the Xbox App for Windows 10. Naturally we immediately proceeded to download it and give it a whirl.

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4-One Rants: E3 Fatigue

E3E3 is one of the biggest gaming events that comes around every single year. It has being running for a long time and every single year we get a view into developer’s minds and their amazing gaming ideas along with new features announced for our devices and downloadable content for our current libraries of games. But obviously it is the new games and experiences that really catches our eyes. For one whole week gaming sites, ourselves included post article after article until a numbness sets in.

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Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck Review

Montage Of HeckThe late 80’s and early 90’s introduced one of the biggest rock bands of all time. From a town in Seattle called Aberdeen emerged one of the biggest musical success stories of all time. A three piece grunge rock band called Nirvana. With their raw passion and energetic performances, the band weren’t long in lighting up the world. But even the brightest stars can’t shine forever. Fame comes at a price and there is no greater example than the band’s frontman Kurt Cobain.

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The Benefits of Subscription/Streaming Based Gaming

Happy GamerWe live in a wonderful age. Gaming is at a point where no longer are we shunned by society as nerds. It has become a part of every day life. Much like movie lovers and book enthusiasts, gaming is both accepted and revered by all. There are many subscription based services for tv shows and movies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both systems implemented with the ability to stream your favourites from anywhere in the world. In 1080p and 4k in some cases. It seems that these success stories have inspired the gaming industry to follow suit.

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NHL 15 Free On EA Access

NHL 15Good news today for Xbox One owners as this years NHL game has entered the EA Access vault. This is the most recent inclusion with last month offer Madden 15 as a reward for customers using the yearly subscription based rental system. The game launched late last year to mediocre reviews after leaving out a lot of the features that die hard fans of the series find important to the core experience. These exclusions have since being patched into the game on next gen systems.

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Lack of single player focus in gaming

single player game headstoneToday our rant comes at a frustration that many people have with modern games, stitched together single player. Back a few years ago it was the opposite way around. Developers built compelling solo campaigns with badly designed multiplayer that was attached at the last moment. But reversing the process is having a negative impact on the industry.

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The Call Of Duty Hate Train

Call Of Duty

Choo choo all aboard. The Call of Duty hate train is pulling into town. It’s something that sparks debate amongst our community more often than not anytime we post a story of any kind related to the series. Don’t get us wrong we know where you are coming from and it isn’t just from our page that this debate comes to light.


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