Atlus and Vanillaware Teasing Game Reveal For Tomorrow

persona 4 arena ultimaxAtlus and Vanillaware are teaming up yet again as they reveal they are collaborating on a new HD project. Best of all, it does not look like we have to wait long to see what it is.

Previously Vanillaware developed Dragons Crown, and many other games, while Atlus (developers of Persona) tend to publish them, but this time it appears that both companies are part of the  games development instead.

Atlus teased the reveal on this website, which you can see a screenshot of below.

Atlus Vanillaware HD Project

Outside that teaser, we don’t know anything on the game, but we will find out tomorrow! There will also be a NicoNico Livestream of the reveal, so if you can’t wait for us to report on it, you can watch it there. Better spruce up on those Japanese skills though! As for those of you who don’t watch it, we will keep you updated so keep an eye out [winky face]

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