Atlas Gorge map now free for everyone on Advanced Warfare

call of duty advanced warfare atlas gorgeSledgehammer Games have announced today on Twitter that the season pass only map of Atlas Gorge in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now available for all players to access, absolutely free.

This is great news for fans, although I’m sure many have moved on to the next title, Black Ops 3 which released just last November. Could it be damage control following all of the Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 drama which we no longer hear anything about? Have you noticed that?

Atlas Gorge is a remake of Modern Warfare’s Pipeline, which makes a lot of use of its verticality. A random Youtube video below the tweet shows a comparison between Atlas Gorge and Pipeline, to help you remember the map in particular.

To download the map, simply load up Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and go to the in-game store, or just seek it out on PSN/Xbox Live marketplace or Steam, and download it.

Will you be hopping online to play it, or is your time with Advanced Warfare over with? Maybe it’s the only Call of Duty game you still play? Let us know in the comments!

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