ASUS partnering with Adblock Plus to integrate Adblocking into It’s devices

ASUS SmartphoneHardware company ASUS has announced a partnership with Adblock Plus, the popular software for blocking advertisements on the web. From now on (Or until the deal expires) all ASUS devices, such as Computers, Smartphones or Tablets, will come pre-installed with Adblock Plus. This will cause all non-whitelisted ads to be blocked.

According to an interview with Motherboard, Adblock Plus CEO Till Faida said the following:

“We’re extremely happy to team up with Asus, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices. This is another call for innovation in the ad industry – a call getting louder by the day.”

[Sources: The Escapist, Motherboard, BusinessInsider]

So what do you think 4-One community? Are you for or against this deal? Will you whitelist our site? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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