Batman Arkham Knight DLC – Play as Snyder’s Batman

batman-arkham-knight-catwomanBatman Arkham Knight has received another DLC add-on which is available now. The centre of attention this time around is on Catwoman, and Robin. As well as two episodes being added to the game, a nice little surprise for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice fans is also included.

As described by Rocksteady Game’s marketing team to PlayStation Blog, “Catwoman and Robin get their own Arkham Episodes, starring in Catwoman’s Revenge and Flip Of A Coin respectively. Catwoman’s Revenge lets you play as Selina Kyle and takes place after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. Having escaped from the Riddler’s clutches, Catwoman has located the Riddler’s robot factory with the intention of wreaking havoc and, you’ve guessed it, extracting her revenge. In Flip Of A Coin, Two Face has escaped from GCPD and it’s Robin’s job, with the help of Barbara Gordon, to track him down. Players will visit the Hells Gate Disposal and Legal Services depot with an aim to re-capturing Harvey and bringing him to justice.”

More on that in a minute. Regarding the Batman vs Superman content, today’s DLC release will allow fans the opportunity to check out the Zak Snyder Batmobile in Arkham Knight, and drive it themselves. Not only that, but the new Batsuit is also available to wear! These are both free to all players, although Season Pass holders will be able to play with them today. Non Season Pass holders will need to wait until next week.

“We’re giving you the chance to get up close and personal with Zak Snyder’s vision of, perhaps, the most famous car in the world. Only in Batman: Arkham Knight will you be able to don the new suit and drive this incredible vehicle through Gotham City or test its performance on any of our Batmobile racetracks. Working extremely closely with the movie production team we’ve put a huge amount of effort into replicating the handling of this low slung behemoth, as well as accurately bringing the cacophony of its engine noise to life.”


batman-arkham-knight batman vs supermanGoing back to the Catwoman and Robin DLC, Rocksteady says “Both of these Arkham Episodes also include two AR Challenge maps for you to take on with any playable character, and we’re also adding two AR Challenges for our previously released Nightwing Arkham Episode: GCPD Lockdown. Crime Fighter Challenge Packs also return this month with pack number 4 bringing a mix of Freeflow Combat, Silent Predator, and Dual Play Predator. What’s more, we’ve also included character selection in all of our Silent Predator maps.”

And, it doesn’t end there. This is some chunk of content, really!

“You’ll also get the chance to stretch all of your Batmobile’s legs on two new racetracks as part of the WayneTech Track Pack. These fiendish courses were designed by Bruce Wayne to test the limits of the Batmobile prior to tackling the forces of The Arkham Knight. And staying with the Batmobile, we’re also bringing you a new Riddler themed Batmobile skin and the Tim Drake Robin Skin Pack that not only includes a bright red paint job for the Batmobile, but also a new Tim Drake skin for Robin himself.”

I haven’t played Batman Arkham Knight since finishing the base game. I have yet to mess around with the DLC content other than changing to the Michael Keaton Batsuit and car for the races, but I still have all the other added DLC to get through, having bought the season pass. Despite the shoddy PC release(s), Arkham Knight is a brilliant, beautiful game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and you’d be a Joker to miss it!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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