Ark: Survival of the Fittest coming to PS4 in June

ark survival of the fittestArk: Survival Evolved has proven to be a massive success on Steam and on Xbox One, and with a full release planned for June on PlayStation 4 as well, we have some extra good news. Its new competitive mod-turned standalone title Survival of the Fittest is coming to PlayStation as well!

Survival of the Fittest will come to PlayStation 4 before Xbox One, despite the base game being already available in the Xbox’s Game Preview program since late last year. Speaking in a Twitlonger post, Studio Wildcard Community Manager Jat said:

“We strategically made the decision to initially release the two games on different platforms because we believe it is the most effective and efficient development process for our Studio. We have a ton of people working on both games across platforms – this can lead to a number of issues, people stepping on each other’s toes and a lot of wires getting mixed up. You guys even know how sometimes we mix up Xbox and PC.”

Survival of the Fittest places you and a bunch of other people on an island with dinosaurs, pickups and boosted build times, and as you fight to control the island, the game world shrinks, pushing you closer together. The winning team are the last ones standing, and the trailer alone, which we posted back in March makes it look like the best multiplayer death match ever! The same trailer is the one you see above, and it looks intense!

Survival of the Fittest will indeed come to Xbox One after the PlayStation 4 version, so don’t be worrying.

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