Ark Survival Evolved v742 rolling out to Xbox players

Ark Survival EvolvedArk Survival Evolved is approaching its one year birthday on Xbox One, releasing as an early access game last December. The game is still in its Game Preview form, but developer Studio Wildcard continue to dish out new content and updates, and v742 is no exception.

With too many features to go through, just look at this list! Updated hand map, Redwood forest map expanding by 50%, new underwater caverns to explore, new mountain ranges, lighting update, ‘massive’ optimization, and more. There have also been ‘lots of secrets added’, as well as an update that ‘Made the snow look less like somebody peed all over it’. Interesting!

The update, known as v742 is also referred to as The Center, and you should expect an 8.5GB file to download. Good luck with that!


  • Added Redwood Forest Biome
  • Redid the Boss Arena from scratch, now actually works properly!
  • Extended map tremendously for the new redwood forest biome (About 50% larger now)
  • Added giant new land bridge connecting the snow/grasslands biome to the new redwood biome
  • Added giant new underwater caverns which includes, spider cavern, underwater ruins, crystal cavern, jumping puzzle. New caverns also provide a foot path for players to walk from the center of the earth to the top, and a new underwater path for players to get their water dinos in and out of the center of the earth.
  • Added distant mountains
  • Added GIANT mountain range on southern edge of map
  • Huge Lighting update, vastly improved lighting all around
  • Massive Optimizations
  • Brand new player map, now includes 100% of playable space
  • Added new pitch black deep sea canyon (Scuba Goggles will not work here)
  • Lots of secrets added!
  • Added murder boxes in the floating island to melt anyones face who has glitched into and built bases inside.
  • Expanded the oceans to the south -Slight change to the lighting to be a little more natural in the dense jungles -Drastically improved the lighting in various caves -Redid the background near the previous “Edge of the World” section of the map -Added 13 mini caves/DireBear Dens around the world -Completely redid the entire edge of the world section of the map. Now stuffed full of content, more penguin spawns, giant new area to explore, empty void replaced with a full blown ocean, cliffs entirely redone -Improved the oceans shader
  • Replaced all the lava shaders with the fancy Scorched Earth versions
  • Added Lava VFX to underworld entrance lava

ark survival evolved

Fixes: – Fixed the pathways leading up from under the center being blocked off at the top

  • Fixed a couple of holes under the center that allowed players to get under the map
  • Fixed some large holes in the landscape in the grasslands that people could fall into
  • Added dmg bonus for building in the monster head island
  • Fixed dinos dissapearing from monster head island
  • Removed mosa/plesi spawning in the large lake with the iceberg
  • Fixed the tall grass in the northern and southern islands that didn’t go away with the rest of the clutter
  • Fixed the underworld grass being overly shiny/reflective
  • Added Mosa spawns back in
  • Bear spawns added to Redwood Forest
  • Titan spawns added to Redwood Forest
  • Lowered some of the deep ocean spawn numbers (Dunky, etc…)
  • Added more harvestable stones to tropical sections of the map
  • Lowered the height of the tall clutter grass pieces
  • Fixed Eastern Oceans not having any foliage/rocks
  • Made moonlight brighter
  • Fixed several areas in the floating island that allowed players to glitch inside and build bases
  • Made the lava biome darker, more forboding
  • Fixed the large half lava/half tropical island not having any trees on the tropical half
  • Added metal/crystal resources to the half tropical half lava island
  • Fixed numerous holes in the underworld that allowed players to escape the world/get under the map

-Fixed an issue that was causing mosa spawns to go berserk at specific points on the map (Existing ones will need to be killed off)

-Fixed various holes that allowed the player to exit the map (Redwood, deep ocean, caves, etc…)

-Fixed various holes in the tropical sections of the map that players could fall into and get stuck

-Fixed several instances of the ocean coral being inland at various locations

-Fixed the skull island not having resources on the top layers

-Fixed a level streaming issue in the lava oasis cave that caused the level to unstream for a second when entering

-Drastically reduced the fog density in the ice caves

-Lowered the spawn rates in parts of some of the caves

-Reduced the number of broken branches on the ground in jungle areas by about half

-Fixed the seaweed being overly reflective

-Fixed the bottom of one of the rivers causing players to suddenly not be in water anymore

-Fixed the ocean shader looking ugly where it intersected the world

-Made the snow look less like somebody peed all over it (More white less yellow)

-Fixed the southern snowy mountain not having ground clutter

-Improved some of the distant LOD meshes that looked bad

-Did a massive pass on the giant waterfalls at the edge of the world, should look a LOT better/more natural

Fixed an issue that caused grass to be in the lava in one of the lava pools

-Fixed some rocks from the new biome that were sticking up through the ground in the grasslands from below

-Fixed the top of one of the volcanoes looking strange (lava looked like it was overlapping/moving two directions at once)

-Fixed one of the giant rock spires near the southern snowy mountain missing

-Various other bug fixes too many to count <3


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