Ark Survival Evolved Tek Tier 1 upgrades console versions, PS4 release sells well

ark survival evolved tek tierArk Survival Evolved is a massive game, and has hit the right chord for many players across all platforms since its launch. On Xbox One in 2015, it released during the holidays and became huge. On PlayStation 4 it released at the same time but in 2016, and so far has topped the PlayStation 4’s digital download chart for two straight months. Now the big toys are coming out to play on both platforms.

Available for some time on Steam, the TEK Tier items will today be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Ark Survival Evolved, along with loads of new goodies and updates via patch 254. See below the video for a list of items included in Ark Survival Evolved’s TEK Tier pack. Also, watch the video in full, because it is absolutely hilarious! It is also reported that the PlayStation 4 release has shipped 1 million copies since its December 6th release, digitally. Amazing.

  • TEK Helmet – Contains a built-in oxygen tank and three different type of vision: Sonar, which identifies tribes, allies, enemies and creatures, Night (see in the dark) and a combined Sonar/Night mode.
  • TEK Boots – These boots let players scale vertical surfaces with ease, along with negating any falling damage.
  • TEK Pants – Enable a super run that lets players speed through solid objects. Combined with the TEK Shirt, the pants allow for faster flight and a cool superheroic stance.
  • TEK Shirt – Jet Pack! Ever wanted to be Iron Man? Don this item then rocket upwards into space or hover above your enemies to better view the devastation you have wrought!
  • TEK Gauntlets – Powerful super punch – dash-smash your foes across the map with this powered up fisticuffs feature.
  • TEK Rifle – Powered by Element, the rifle features a scope that can sync up with the TEK Helmet’s vision modes for double the death-dealing.
  • TEK Rex Saddle – Mount lasers on your T-Rex. Yes…lasers…on…a…T-Rex
  • TEK Replicator – Needed for crafting items from the TEK tier.
  • TEK Transmitter – This portable terminal functions similarly to an Obelisk, allowing players to transfer characters, creatures and items across the ARK.

Yes, Ark began as a survival title involving hunting and taming dinosaurs, but look far it has come! You’ll still have to start from the bottom if you’re new to the title, but with hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay, it might be the perfect game for you. Guns, lasers, dinosaurs and exploration; what’s not to love?

Other updates included with the latest patch are:

  • New Weapon – Lance: Saddle up and prepare for medieval mounted mayhem with the arrival of this, the Jurassic Jouster’s weapon of choice.
  • New Mechanic: Hairstyles, Facial Hair, Hair Colouring and styling with real-time growing. Customize your avatars with awesome new beards and then watch them grow! Cut, dye and trim your hair as you go all out with your character design.
  • 16 Additional Explorer Notes
  • A ton of improvements for official mod The Center, and general game fixes
  • 4 new dinosaurs (Purlovia Maxima, Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit, Baryonyx Aquafulgur, Ovis Aries)

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