Ark Survival Evolved roaring onto PlayStation 4

Ark Survival EvolvedArk Survival Evolved will finally be making its way onto the PlayStation 4 as soon as next week. Yes, in one week from now, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to create communities and start building houses and fortresses for themselves while defending against hungry dinosaurs.

Ark Survival Evolved is very much like Minecraft or Rust. Replace the blocks with realistic assets, throw in some dinosaurs as well as hunger, temperature effects and swap out the creepers for massive dinosaurs, and you can paint a picture of what to expect.

Gather food and crafting materials that allow you to create camps, cook meat, build weapons and later, tame dinosaurs, all the while trying to live out of a hut, crafting inventory items just to prolong your life. Go on wild expeditions with friends to search for nearby materials and hoping to come back in one piece.

You can buy Ark Survival Evolved in one of two ways on December 6th. You can grab The Survivor’s Pack, which adds extra PS4 content including a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin plus an entire Manticore armour set for male and female characters as well as the Scorched Earth expansion which controversially released while the game is still in beta as a premium add-on. You can also buy the base game on its own, with the option to upgrade at a later date.

Ark Survival Evolved has come a long way since its release in 2015, and it has been available on Xbox One, doing rather successfully as well, since December last year. It was meant to arrive on PlayStation 4 a lot sooner, but Sony opposed the idea of an unfinished game releasing on the platform.

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