Ark Survival Evolved is getting a VR spin-off

ark parkEver wanted to walk with the dinosaurs, without any risk of being chased down and eaten for dinner? Well, Snail Games and Studio Wildcard may soon be able to offer you that experience. Snail Games are taking the reigns on Ark Park, while Ark developer Studio Wildcard will offer consultation on the project.

It looks almost like the virtual reality experience of Jurassic World, letting you visit a dinosaur museum, learning about your favourite dinosaurs, before going on a grand adventure in a detailed environment, watching the dinos roaming around in their natural habitat.

Welcome to Jurassic Ark (hum the tune here)

“Players begin their ARK Park adventure at a visitor center surrounded by life-sized holographic dinosaurs where they’ll learn about these creatures that they’ve only read about & seen in books and summer blockbusters. From there, players will have the option to explore multiple interactive attractions on-foot or in vehicles & on Dino-back, including a swamp, forest, desert,  snowy mountain range, and more. Each attraction features stunningly rendered and realistic environments of the period inhabited by ARK creatures, which can be found and captured through use of items, weapons, and puzzle-solving.”

ARK stalwarts will have their skill and cunning in taming primeval creatures rewarded in this new game, as they can import their own collected dinosaurs from the original survival game into an up-close and personal, full VR experience!

ARK Park will be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR in 2017.

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