Ark’s future no longer in jeopardy

ark-survival-evolvedThe future of ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ was hanging in the balance over the last few months when a lawsuit was filed against of their top  creators.  The game, which is still in Game Preview on Xbox One and Early Access on Steam, has been very popular since its initial release.

A lawsuit was filed against Studio Wildcard by Trendy Entertainment when it came light that one of the studio founders had violated a non-compete contract clause. Jeremy Stieglitz was a top creative director at Trendy until he left in the summer of 2014. Trendy said that he was in violation of his contract as he ‘poached’ employees to start the new studio. In other words, he persuaded some people to come with him when he started up his new studio. It has also been said that he, along with others, had secretly been developing Ark while still working at Trendy.

The two studios have been going head to head in this lawsuit over the last few months but it has just came to light that they have come to a fair settlement. Neither studio commented on the settlement, however co-founder Susan Stieglitz said earlier in the week that Trendy were looking for $600 million. She has now told a fan on Reddit that they have settled for $40 million.

Still nobody is sure where Ark is headed. It is unclear whether the original release date will still go ahead or if some changes need to be made.

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