Ark developer facing lawsuit over breach of contract

ark-survival-evolvedAccording to Kotaku, Trendy. the developer of Dungeon Defenders “alleges that their former creative director, game designer Jeremy Stieglitz, breached his contract and has been secretly working on Ark: Survival Evolved since he resigned from his position in 2014.” If proven to be true, Ark may be pulled from sale, upsetting its massive fan base and making dinosaurs go extinct again.

The report is very heavy on the legal side of things, a language I barely understand, but to put it as simply as possible, Jeremy Stieglitz breached a contract agreement in that he can’t work on a new game that may impact on Trendy’s player base or staff, and “not to solicit Trendy employees”.  Jeremy Stieglitz is said to have only been a ‘consultant’ on Ark for Studio Wildcard, and that was said to Kotaku during GDC last week by co-founder of Wildcard Jesse Rapczak.

In gamer’s terms, if Trendy are successful with the court hearing on April 27th, it could mean that development on Ark: Survival Evolved may be halted indefinitely, and pulled from Steam and Xbox One’s Game Preview program.

It’s all very hairy, and as someone who enjoys a bit of Ark on the weekends, despite being rubbish at it, this whole situation scares me, and I hope it can be resolved in a manner that satisfies everyone involved. For the full report, head over to Kotaku..

[Source: Kotaku]

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