Are your hopes high for Crackdown 3?

crackdown 3Three years ago, we got our first glimpse at a new version of Crackdown, due for release on Xbox One. Last E3, it kind of disappeared just before the media briefing, and we were told that it would be receiving a bit of a delay. Yesterday we got another trailer featuring Terry Crews, and a release date. But is it the Crackdown we were lead to expect?

Terry Crews mentions dropping bombs and dropping buildings, but we don’t see anything in the latest trailer to suggest that that feature is still present in the latest build of Crackdown. It looks like more Crackdown, that’s for sure, but will it feel dated? In 2007, the first game was a brilliant amount of fun which really put Achievements on the map with their variety, and the game’s climbing challenges.

Then Crackdown 2 came along and it was more of the same, but with wing suits and zombies in a game world that was somewhat lazy and repetitive. Can Crackdown 3 bring back the good times?

Considering the release date is November 7th, the same day that the Xbox One X drops, I thought we’d see a little more on Crackdown, seeing as its one of Microsoft’s first party titles. It may be a case of ‘wait until Gamescom’, but Microsoft needed to ‘step up their boom’ at E3 this year to rival the PlayStation powerhouse. We’ve yet to see what Sony will be bringing to the table, other than rumours and hints, but with their show on the horizon, it won’t be long before we all know.

Sumo Digital are involved with the project, and I trust those guys, but will they be able to pull this off? Surely, I hope…

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