Aquadome update brings new goodies to Rocket League

rocket league aquadomeToday, Psyonix releases yet another update for Rocket League, bringing more hours of fun, a new environment, Achievements and Trophies and more stuff to decorate your cars. Welcome to Aquadome! Let’s dive in and take a look!

Aquadome is the latest new arena for Rocket League, and takes the action under water. You won’t be in the water; you will be encapsulated inside a dome, but it will look pretty and different at least! As well as the new arena, Psyonix have also redesigned two of the classic cars, making them look a bit more attractive than what they used to be.

“This comes in the form of upgraded visual designs for both Road Hog and Hotshot. To be honest, we’ve wanted to streamline the look of these car for quite some time now and we’re glad that we’re finally able to replace the old models with new ones. Don’t worry about those hitboxes or turning radii, they’ll remain exactly the same!”

Two new premium cars have also been added, available for purchase. Learn more about them here.

hotshot roadhog rocket league

Pysonix have also added seven more in the new update, following fan requests for more stuff to aim for. Here’s the complete list:

  • GG – Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25pts)
  • Trifecta – Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25pts)
  • Infinite Power! – Activate every power-up in Rocket League Rumble (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25pts)
  • Stopped Cold – Freeze an opponent’s shot before it can score (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25pts)
  • Sea Turtle – Head to AquaDome and score a goal while flipped on your back (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25pts)
  • Get Up, Mr. Bubbles! – Equip the Bubbles Rocket Trail and Score an Aerial goal, while playing in AquaDome (PS4 – Silver, XB1 – 50pts)
  • Rocket Genocider – Make 535 Shots on Goal (PS4 – Gold, XB1 – 75pts)

As with every major update, AquaDome includes several free Garage items to go along with everything else, and Psyonix have added an ocean’s worth of dazzling new Painted Wheels for this installment, in addition to some new Antennas, Rocket Trailers, a Topper, and more!

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