Apparently, people would rather catch Pokemon than get laid

PokemonSo Pokemon GO, if you haven’t heard it by now, chances are you’ve been trapped in some very remote location with no means of contacting anyone for help. Why? Because frankly, in the years we’ve been running 4-One Gaming, we’ve never seen something trend so much. In fact,¬†according to data from Similar Web, more people would rather catch Pokemon, than hook up using Tinder.

In all the time I’ve been gaming I don’t think I’ve ever seen something take off as well as Pokemon GO has, which is even more impressive considering that it’s only been released in a selected few regions. It has quite literally, taken the US and Australia by storm so much so that developer Niantic has had to slow down their worldwide release because of the strain being put on the servers, meaning people in the United Kingdom and Europe will have to wait.¬†Pokemon

Pokemon GO has been downloaded well over 5 million times on Android alone which roughly translates to around 6% of all Android users in the US and while the team behind Tinder is already envying Pokemon GO’s numbers, the app is rapidly approaching similar usage to that of social media giant Twitter.

In terms of a release date for other regions very little information has been given, but we seriously doubt they’re going to want to keep the rest of the world waiting much longer given the popularity of their app so far. There are ways you can download the game if you live outside of the US but as we’ve previously mentioned in a story from last week, doing so could well compromise your account, and earn you nothing more than a big fat ban from the game.

Niantic have also began teasing future updates for the game stating that players could be able to trade Pokemon with one another, which has been a key feature to the franchise ever since it was first introduced. However as of yet no specifics have been released.

[Source: Eurogamer].

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