Another U-Turn for Microsoft?

MicrosoftOver the last three years it’s become increasingly difficult to take Microsoft’s word on pretty much anything they say in their statements. After the drastic changes to Xbox One policies and standing on a ‘Kinect-less’ Xbox One bundle we’ve become increasingly skeptical over pretty much anything they say in relation to policies future products. And that isn’t about to get any better with their latest change.

The ‘U-Turn’ we referenced in the title of this post refers to a statement which was first revealed to the world at this years Microsoft E3 conference and applies to future Xbox One and Windows 10 video game releases: “Every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere”. An all new feature to Xbox One and Windows 10 titles which allow users to purchase the title once and play it on both platforms.

Up until recently, that quote is exactly how the official description of Xbox Play Anywhere read on the announcement, however now it reads as follows: “Every new title published from Microsoft Studios that we showed onstage at E3 this year will support Xbox Play Anywhere”.  So can you spot the difference? Of course you can, but all joking aside its important to understand the significance of that edit as it’s relevance will affect Microsoft’s future releases for as long as the Xbox One and Windows 10 are around.Microsoft

The change itself isn’t that much of a problem however, yes it’s a little disappointing but as far as we know there’s nothing to suggest that future titles not mentioned at this years E3 will NOT be subject to Xbox Play Anywhere, the problem is how Microsoft went about changing that description. Since Phil Spencer took over control of the Xbox One department, Microsoft has received very little in terms of bad press, and I don’t want to be the person to put down the people who have been a very community orientated team. But Microsoft have really dropped the ball here in my opinion, showing a total disregard for integrity and honesty, what I’m trying to say is, Microsoft should have publicly announced the changes, and apologized for their mistake.  Microsoft

What is worth noting of course is that Phil Spencer has already said that he does not wish to completely unify Windows 10 and Xbox One completely, so there probably will still be Xbox One exclusives bound for future release, I’d personally just like to see a little more honesty from the people I’ve given so much of my money.

[Source: PC Gamer].

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