Another Microsoft exclusive delayed

MicrosoftDespite boasting an impressive 2015, Microsoft haven’t let off the gas pedal and are gearing up for an even bigger year in terms of exclusive video game releases. Though it seems that they could have bitten off more than they could chew, just days ago it was announced that up-coming RPG Scalebound has been delayed pushing it’s release date back all the way into 2017, and now ReCore has also been made the subject of another delay.

For those of you unaware of ReCore, it was just one of many new intellectual properties revealed at E3 2015 and is the result of a collaboration between Keiji Inafune’s Comcept and Armature Studio. Thankfully, the announcement has specified that the delay is only minor and that the game is still on track to be market ready for the back-end of this year on Xbox One and Windows 10. Microsoft

Generally, when we post about games being delayed (which has become an altogether more frequent occurrence with the release of the Xbox One and PS4), our community tend to react well, showing their support to the developers that have to make these difficult decisions. After all, a late game is always going to be better than a broken one… Right? However it does seem that in the modern world of gaming, announcing an unrealistic release window for the sake of generating interest in a product has become the norm. So with that in mind, we’d like to address you, the awesome community driving 4-One Gaming. Do you think that developers and publishers should be altogether more realistic when it comes to announcing a release date, waiting until a more appropriate time in the game’s development stage? Or do you feel they should continue to announce release dates in the hope they can meet expectations?

For the sake of putting a positive spin on things, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft still have a lot to offer Xbox One owners throughout 2016 with Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 leading the charge.

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