Another Halo Wars 2 beta? You beta believe it!

halo wars 2Dan Ayoub of 343 Industries confirmed via Xbox Wire that another Halo Wars 2 beta is on the way for both Xbox One and PC. While it’s good news for fans eager to play more of Halo Wars, bear in mind that it won’t be coming until next year.

The article details changes being made following the first beta, while the final sentence informs fans of an upcoming second beta, if you happened to read through to the end. “Keep in mind that we’ll be having another Beta coming in early 2017 that will be on BOTH Windows 10 and Xbox One!”

Based on the previous beta test in June during the week of E3, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have looked at the feedback and have narrowed down what needs to be addressed.

halo wars 2

The blog post states: There are a significant number of individual changes and adjustments being made, including unit tuning, game mode pacing, UI improvements, stability, and flow improvements based on the data we received from the beta. At a high level, there are five main areas of focus that we’ll be adjusting, in addition to the general improvements listed above:

  • Controls
  • Leader Abilities
  • Bases
  • Resources and Energy
  • Population

The Xbox Wire article goes into further details about each of these entries in Halo Wars 2, which you can read up on here if you wish.

Halo Wars 2 is due for release around February 21st, 2017.

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