Another GTA Online double RP event announced

GTA OnlineOnce again Rockstar will be hosting a double reputations (RP) and GTA currency reward, this one is being specifically aimed at the ‘Prison Break’ Heist in which players are tasked with breaking Professor Maxim Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. However this won’t be the only means players can earn double experience.

As is usually the case, Rockstar want to help players get to the Heist in the first place, in order to reap the intended rewards. This means that the majority of things you can do in GTA Online will also be affected by the announcement, these ‘activities’ include:

  • Armoured Trucks
  • Bounties
  • Daily Objectives
  • Crate drops & enemies killed during collectionGTA Online
  • Destroying target vehicles
  • Distracting Cops
  • Flight School
  • Gang attacks & enemies killed in the process
  • Holding up stores
  • Import/Export vehicle deliveries
  • Impromptu Races
  • Killing muggers
  • Lester kill targets
  • Losing wanted levels
  • Plane takedowns

This is the second time this month Rockstar have a hosted double RP event following the release of the Ill-Gotten Gains part ll DLC. Additionally Rockstar have lowered the prices of seven of the higher end apartments dotted around the city of Los-Santos by 25%, the full list of which can be seen on Rockstar Newswire. The event will run up until July 19th meaning you have 3 days to take advantage of the event and earn some extra coin towards the Progen T20.

The event follows the report of a series of frame rate issues within GTA Online that appeared following the launch of the Ill-Gotten Gains part ll update. Rockstar have since responded to the reports allegedly caused by some of the ‘anti-mod’ features introduced with the update, stating they’re currently investigating the issues with a hope to have them rectified in the very near future. At the time of writing issues seem to be isolated to the PC version of the game.

[Source: Gamestop]

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