Another exciting year ahead for PS4 exclusive DriveClub

DriveclubLittle over a year has passed since Evolution Studios released Driveclub for the PS4 and whereas it got off to a very rocky start, Evolution Studios have worked hard around the clock to improve the racer throughout the year.
I have to say, as an avid player and fan of Driveclub, it cannot even be compared to what it was upon release.
From the inclusion of extra tracks and countless high performance cars to User Interface and gameplay options, Driveclub has slowly grown into a legendary racer of its own right.
They’re now going to expand upon this again for another year, rather than create a brand new game.
Some details have been teased but we have been given some details to expect within the next month.

The official notes about Driveclub from Evolution Studios are as follows:

“Multiplayer: Private Lobbies are coming early in November, offering full control over multiplayer events with lots of custom settings included.

Difficulty: To help beginners get into the game, we’re developing a braking assist option that will automatically apply the brakes to help with cornering and learning the braking points. We also have easier and harder difficulty options for Tour mode coming too.

Accolades: More Driver & Club Accolades are on the way, with bigger Fame rewards lined up when you earn them.

Updates & expansions: We have more updates coming but we can’t spoil any surprises or share more info just yet. We will be able to soon”

YES!!! The long-awaited private lobbies are FINALLY coming! This means customisable options such as cars, laps, weather etc and hopefully, a way to kick wreckers who have no intention of racing cleanly.
I know a lot of people who have played this game were disappointed with the lack of private lobbies but with how the servers were originally and the work needed to allow the PS+ version I can only imagine the difficulty these would have been to implement off the bat.

The Club and Driver Accolades are another bonus as anyone who has played this game for some many hours will have found various accolades max out, leaving little for future rewards.
Extending these further will give both clubs and drivers further goals to be motivated by, followed of course by some juicy fame rewards.
Fame means very little in the ways of levelling within the Elite Drive stage of Driveclub as you tend to overrun it with ease purely by trying to get the rest of the Elite Driver criteria. Nonetheless, Fame is cherished amongst the drivers and clubs of whom are climbing the leaderboard.

Difficulty has always been another issue for some drivers, mainly players looking for an arcade feel.
Whereas Driveclub isn’t a sim, it is neither pure arcade in handling either and there are no driver assist options or even driver assists at all. This can make the higher performance cars easy to spin out and lose control in without precise control of the throttle.
Whereas practise makes perfect in Driveclub, some would be put off by the difficulty and miss out on what this excellent racer has to offer.
The inclusion of Brake Assistance should help beginners get around some fast corners without hitting the barrier and spinning out. This is the only assistance announced so far but it will be appreciated by those of whom just wish to race for fun and enjoy the sweet, sweet visuals and sounds of their favourite cars in the meantime.
There is worry amongst the elite that this could make challenges unfair for those that use them but I can say from experience of many racers that using any assistance can make you a good 5-10 seconds slower at best.
This is purely for beginners and will not make Driveclub unbalanced in the slightest.

Lastly is the announcement of further Updates and Expansions. Evolution Studios have announced many times over the year that they intend to build upon Driveclub as it is instead of dropping it and making a new game altogether. This would lead one to assume that they intend to release a second season pass, along with another entire sea of PSN Trophies for the taking, should anyone be so brave.
I personally feel the first Season Pass was incredibly well priced considering the content that was released over the year. The Season Pass, which cost under half of what the game did at retail, contains more content than the retail version of Driveclub.
Knowing this we can expect oodles of content, complete with regular updates for the User Interface, game options and even perhaps peripheral support such as newer model wheels.

Evolution Studios have gone above and beyond in my own opinion. Never have I felt so close to the developers of a game and have my own input listened to and implemented, with the help of other users and their feedback also.
Here’s to another great year for Driveclub. Just how fast do you wanna go?

[Source – Driveclub Official Facebook Page]

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