The animals of Farming Simulator 17

piglets farming simulator 17Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. And on that farm he had a cow, e-i-e-i-o. You can finish the rest. Giants Software have recently told us about the new crops of Farming Simulator 17, and now they have shared some details about the animals, and what you will be able to do with them in the latest installment. Without further ado, let’s get a mooooooo-ve on.

“In Farming Simulator 17, you can choose to transport any animals you’ve purchased back to your farm yourself. In order to do this, you’ll need an animal trailer and ensure that it’s located near the livestock dealer you’re buying from.”

If you don’t have the required equipment to do so, the livestock dealer will swing by himself, or herself, and drop them off at your farm for you, absolutely free. Why buy the equipment then? I’d be happy with an additional charge, giving you a reason to save up and invest in a trailer, but that’s just me.

“There’s a few things to remember with animals on your farm. Foremost, they require both food and water. You’ll also need to change the bedding of cows and pigs by using a straw blower and clean the animals feeding areas periodically. Once your animals are happy enough, they will begin to multiply and increase your farm’s total animal population. Additionally, taking good care of your animals will increase their productivity (such as cows’ milk and sheep’s wool) and their respective breeding rates.”

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As usual, cows can create manure and slurry which you can use to further develop your farm and get the most out of your harvested crops. Using the readily available fertilizer will help get the job done, but naturally fertilized crops reward you with higher selling prices.

There are also sheep available, which produce wool. Wool has to be transported to wool mills which rewards you financially too. They need to be fed however, so it’s not something you can get involved in early in the game, but the low price of entry along with the right equipment is a right baaaa-rgain.

Chickens are available from the day you start farming, and cost nothing to run and require no maintenance. All you have to do is collect the eggs every now and again, and deposit them in a designated area. You can buy more chickens if you want, and they’re super cheap too, enabling you to save for more farming upgrades.

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“For the first time ever in the series, you can take care of pigs in Farming Simulator 17! Feeding them properly is particularly important, as they are primarily there to multiply and sell on for a profit. In order to maximize their growth you’ll need to feed them a balanced diet consisting of all of the following types of nutrition:

  • 50% Base food: Corn
  • 25% Grain: Wheat or Barley
  • 20% Protein: Canola or Sunflowers or Soybeans
  • 5% Root crops: Potatoes or Sugar Beets

You also have the option of buying bags of perfectly balanced pig food directly from the local store, although you’ll need to manually transport them to your pig enclosures.”

To learn more about Farming Simulator 17, check out the recent Gamescom trailer which looks amazing! No, it doesn’t feature fast cars, attractive humans, guns, explosives or alien spaceships, but it’s great in other ways! I love Farming Simulator 15, and here’s a little diary I wrote about it this year, if you fancy more farm-related reading.

Farming Simulator 17 has a release date of October 25th, 2016, coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: Giants Software]

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