An alternative for Games with Gold or PlayStation Plus

games with gold playstation plusThis week, Xbox announced their May Games with Gold lineup of titles, which are free to download and play as long as you’re a Gold subscription member. April’s offerings were fantastic, one of the best yet, but May couldn’t match the quality, but that doesn’t mean the games are not as good. But what if you could choose all the monthly games, or a discount on a new title as an alternative?

Our friend Sean, xXSonsOfSeraXx on Xbox Live threw this idea at 4-One during the week, and it’s a reasonable suggestion for Microsoft, or even Sony to take on board. Basically, take one or all of the monthly free games via Games with Gold or PlayStation Plus, or respectfully decline and take something of a discount around the $30/£25 mark towards a game of your choice. Of course, there are those who badmouth free games no matter the day of the week, which Shane discussed here recently.

I’m not sure how Microsoft and Sony go about their dealings with studios and publishers in relation to recouping the studios’ losses when their game is free, but surely offering gamers a discount on a game of their choice, digitally, will work in favour for all involved. Sometimes the Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus offerings are great, and a good bargain for four or six free titles, but sometimes you either own them all already, or have no interest in the monthly offering.

Sean explains it better himself in his video, and he’s also a natural in front of the camera, isn’t he? Do you agree with his idea? Should the bigwigs and Microsoft or Sony consider granting their customers this option?

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