American Truck Simulator is hitting the highways next Spring

american truck simulatorThere’s something weird about simulators. They allow us to take part in mundane every day tasks but in a fun way, or they allow us to fly planes and race high speed cars, with each button doing something that could make or break our experience. There’s nothing like blowing an engine on a high speed straight, or forgetting to activate your landing gear when landing a plane. Truck Simulator however, just lets you drive across country roads, so where’s the excitement in that?

Following the success of Euro Truck Simulator on PC, developer SCS are bringing American Truck Simulator to pc gamers on February 3rd. Understandably, the entire continent of North America may be too big to replicate – although many parts of Europe received a lot of attention in the previous game – so American Truck Simulator will only be allowing haulers to traverse the state of California. The full lineup of trucks is to be confirmed, but here’s a trailer to whet your appetite before the game’s release next year. There’s just something about truck driving simulation that excites me. I don’t have a gaming pc, but Euro Truck Simulator is one of my most watched games on Twitch, and I still don’t know why….

[Source: PC Gamer]

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