AMD Launch Radeon Software Crimson

amd-crimsonAMD GPU users can now download Radeon Software Crimson which replaces Catalyst Control Center to serve as your PC’s “graphics operating system.”

Gamers with AMD systems, including myself, may have noticed that it’s been a few months since there have been any major driver updates, excluding betas, and this is why as AMD focused on bringing out this new software bringing some new features with it.

AMD announced Crimson earlier this month to help compete with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and didn’t waste any time getting it out, completely revamping the interface and offering new libraries, tools and software, as well as some performance boosts to ensure your games are running as well as possible.

The software includes a Game Manager, allowing you to tweak each games graphical settings, and also has video quality presets, social media integration and system notifications. As you’d expect with such software, overclock settings are available, and what’s interesting is you can launch each game with different presets.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson
Radeon Software Crimson UI

Of course, we are gamers and the most important thing is performance which, according to AMD, has also improved with the software enabling 23 percent better performance per watt and 33 percent faster game load times. I’ve yet to see that for myself yet as I have just downloaded the software, but if you’ve noticed significant improvement with your games let us know!

In a statement, senior vice president and chief architect of Radeon Technologies Group At AMD, Raja Koduri said:

“As the primary way that people interact with our products, our software deserves to be viewed as a top priority, and going forward that’s exactly what we’re doing, delivering easy-to-use software that is packed with real user benefits, starting with Radeon Software Crimson Edition. Radeon Technologies Group is laser-focused on the vertical integration of all things graphics, propelling the industry forward by driving performance per watt, creating innovative technologies and ensuring that the software supporting our GPUs is world class.”

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