Amazon leak information on potential Forza 6 Porsche pack

Forza 6When it comes to making a decent racing game, there are a few boxes you need to check in order to ensure that it resonates among its competition. First and foremost, you need to feature fast cars, and they really don’t come much faster than that of the German Sports car brand Porsche, whom you may have heard of. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with that, a costly one, EA possess exclusive rights to the brand.

Which of course presents the likes of Turn 10, developer of the highly regarded and 4-One Gaming favorite Forza Motorsport series, with a substantial issue of featuring Porsche in their games. Fortunately there are plenty of other sports-car manufacturers out there that aren’t contractually unavailable, Ferrari and Lamborghini, just to throw a couple of names out there. Unfortunately Forza has attracted a particular kind of fan, one who prides themselves on being relatively clued up on the vast world of Motorsport. To these fans, not having a couple of Porsche’s to play with is a bit like watching the Premier League without the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea competing in the leagues, it’s just not right. Thankfully however, it seems that Turn 10 have found a solution, according to a leak from Amazon.Forza 6

Last year, EA and Turn 10 worked out some form of deal which allowed Turn 10 to publish the “Porsche expansion pack” for their open world driving game, Forza Horizon 2. This year it looks as though Turn 10 Studios have once again secured the rights to publish another Porsche themed expansion for their latest, thoroughbred racing game Forza Motorsport 6. The source of this new information is none other than Amazon, which posted a listing for the “Porsche Expansion Pack” for Forza Motorsport 6 along with a host of information regarding what “could” be coming:

  • To start with, 20 new cars will be gracing the tarmac of Forza 6, nine of which have never been seen in a Forza 6Forza game before,
  • Porsche themed single player content, including 48 new events,
  • Porsche themed multiplayer content,
  • Porsche themed mods and badges,
  • An additional 250 gamerscore worth of achievements
  • A new track, Virginia International Raceway.

The listing had the expansion priced at $20, it’s also worth noting that it’s highly likely that the expansion will NOT be included as part of the season pass, and will instead represent separate DLC. Furthermore, Amazon detailed a March release date.

As always, we must advise that this is a leak, and no official announcement has been made by Microsoft or Turn 10 Studios, however, as previously mentioned this isn’t the first time EA and Turn 10 have come to an agreement. Forza Horizon 2 was the first Xbox One Forza title to receive the Porsche treatment but if we look back to last generation. Forza Motorsport 4, on Xbox 360, was also the subject of such a deal.

Now as a Forza fan I would just like to be one of the first to express my excitement via 4-One Gaming. With exception to the 2016 Ford Focus RS, Porsche is what this game needed for me to regard as one of the best racing games of all time. I will gladly pay the extra to add the legendary brand to the game. Great to see EA and Turn 10 coming together in the interest of the fans.

[Source: GamesRadar]

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